1 week to go till AF due

Hushlilbaby • Surprised my hubs on our 1 yr anniversary 9/28 that we are expecting#1 TTC 7mons #birthcenter #naturalbirth #due6/2015
Uhhhhh every month i think ohhh is this a symptom, i feel quezzy, dizzy or something along those lines and each time af shows its ugly head. I have 1 week left till af is due and i am going to hold off on testing 5xs before i am supposed to lol. This month when AF ended I atarted my hcg diet and am down 17 pounds. I have 10 days left on diet and hoping to lose another 10 pounds. I am hoping losing a little weight will help. Baby dust to everyone. If AF comes I am going
To keep doing the hcg diet till 15th of october and use preseed.  Losing weight will atleaat make me healthier