👋 Hello, I will be having <a href="">IUI</a> this upcoming wk , I went for follicle exam today , I wish I had asked all the questions! When I got home I realized I missed a lot of important ones , basically my dr just told me everything looked good, and he wanted to see me again for another follicle Weds , and to take my trigger shot just in case I was ready and if I wasn’t I would go back next day , I asked if I use OPK strips to track ovulation and he said no that he likes to go by follicle exams , that he feels that it is more accurate , I was on clomid cycle 4-8 going back on cycle day 12 🙏🏻 I spoke more to the ultrasound person , than I did to my own dr, she said I had a lot of follicles and that they were growing and everything looked good! But I see a lot of you guys here know the lengths of the follicles and numbers of sperm wash! Do you do this by asking? Or your dr just tells you?! Hopefully we fall pregnant but if not , I am certainly questioning if my dr is the right one for me 🤦🏻‍♀️