Is he cheating?

READ. Please i need help. I’ve been with my “husband” for almost 3 years now. Everything at the beginning was going great. Our relationship was amazing. Then i got pregnant, we got our own place and everything was good. I always TRUSTED him. I never felt the need to be all up on his businesses or anything. Then we were living paycheck to paycheck, so we decided to move in with my parents so we could be able to save up for our baby for a while. Fast forward—- i had my baby and a month later i started having some doubts. Something just kept telling me to go through his phone. So i was able to get into his phone and i found so many ugly things 😭😓. He had soooo many pictures saved of girls. naked since the first month i found out i was pregnant all the way to that day. He would message girls on snapchat that would post their asses and he would be like “nice” i was really really hurt because i couldnt believe that he would to that to me. I decided to kick him out because there was no way i would allow him to disrespect me like that. I wouldnt talk to him at all. But he begged me and cried to me for forgiveness. Told me tht he regretted doing that and that he was going to change for me.. for our daughter. So i told him that if he wanted us to try again that we needed to get our own place again. so we did. But when i forgave him. We had a deal. I told him that his phone would never have a passcode and that i would be able to go through it whenever i felt like it. He agreed. A month later after moving in, his phone already had a passcode and i asked him why and he said he doesnt like anybody going through his stuff ??? like what the fuck? tht wasnt our deal. He was the one who fucked up not me. Anyways its been like 9 months and nothing has changed. He’s always changing his psscode. He doesnt even let me touch it. I cant even take pictures with it. NOTHING. If he goes out the room, there he goes with his phone on his hand. He will literally never ever leave his phone around me. Like thts fucked up. Anyways, yesterday. he was in the room with the baby and i was taking a shower and he fell asleep, i saw his phone but i didnt touch it or anything and he woke up scared and the first thing he did was look for his phone and hide it under him. He’s so fishy and im fucking tired of him thinking im stupid. What should i do? why is he so damn protective of his fucking phone. We had a deal.