Is this the last straw?


My MIL hates me, always has. For example: about 6 months into living with my spouse she told me that “I want you to know that when you two break up your stuff will be safe” OR “you’re so lucky. My son has never really cared about looks in his girlfriends”.

We’ve now been together 10 very loving years, However it’s gotten significantly worse since giving birth, and now more so as baby #2 is on the way.

My MIL has taken it upon herself to tell EVERYONE we’re pregnant again (started telling people at 3weeks..) she should have never known herself but my hubs was so happy he wanted to tell his dad. Now last night, we went over to tell them I was potentially losing baby, and needed to be put on bedrest. So what did she do? She let my 14 year old emotional support animal (I have c-ptsd) outside with no collar, or leash. And when my dog started to run off to search for me (as she’s trained to do) she didn’t call her back OR tell us she lost her.

Instead my husband and I notice she’s missing and then had to frantically search for her, in the dark, cold and ice. We found her an hour later with a cut paw, half frozen and scared because she doesn’t know the neighborhood. And I was cramping, bleeding and I’m agony from walking to try to find her.

To add to it: MIL did not even have the decency to come out of her room to apologize or even ask if we were ok. Nothing. The evil coward. I’m so done. I feel like I’m over reacting because of years of her toxic behaviour has made me doubt myself so much. What should I do?