To grown to care about her opinions

Ugh I'm just really tired of having my grandma put her 2 cents in everything I do. It can be the smallest of things from not throwing out the trash when she comes and visits (she live on my property so I see her almost every day), to having my doors open when it's nice out and the AC isn't on ,idk why that's an issue I own a small ranch it's not like I have cars driving by 24/7 .

I need a grandma vacation seriously I'm tired of being treated like a child. I'm 24 and she still complains about me leaving lunch on the stove for too long and not understanding why it's not up yet just little things. I'm also 33 weeks pregnant with my first and sleep deprived, and today finally threw me over the edge almost. I'm ready to snap, she came knocking and making my dogs go nuts at 7:30. When I told her I don't appreciate that because she knows my sleep sucks right now her rebuttal was "oh young people get to sleep all day." 7:30 is all day?! I usually wake up at 8 or maybe 9 if it's my first off day this week from work which it is! I'm just too tired to deal with her rn. She's currently in my living room waiting for her laundry to be done (she uses it because she doesn't have one) and I'm hiding in my bed because I will seriously snap if I hear one more word from her.