Hey ladies ): so I am going through alot .. and I love talking here cause makes me comfortable.. I have had healthy periods they were regular all of a sudden it stopped? Is a long story. So long story short after I got married a year later my periods stopped for 4months I went to the doctor and she recommended me an especialist and she recommended me to take gaia vitex berry less than a month my periods came back.

My especialist told me my prolactin levels were high. And I was producing alot estrogen my progesterone was also high ): she wants to do an MRI for my pituitary gland..): and I am very scared I have never had any issues like this till now.. and my red blood cells pallets are high ): I have never been pregnant i am 29 years old. My husband and I want a baby next year but now I don't know if I can with all this health issues.. I workout 5x a week I eat healthier now but it sad that even like that we can still get sick ): I am overwhelmed and very depressed.. I am very scared): had anyone gone throw this ? Any advice? ): thanks