Advice please

my partner hasn’t been working since last March because of lockdowns and he had been looking for work but its been hard to find anything.

That means that him and I have been looking after our 10 month old together all this time and we have very equally shared all the responsibilities and roles. Our baby wakes up for bottles about twice a night so one of us deals with that all night and then gets to have a lie in in the morning while the other takes her when she wakes up at 6 and we alternate everyday so we both get a rest. But now he has luckily managed to find a job which he will be starting soon and I’m terrified of now having to look after my baby 100% by myself. (All friends and family live an hour away)

I know most of you mothers have been doing this from the beginning which is amazing but I am so scared!

I’m worried about when will I be able to sleep properly as I’ll have to wake up several times at night and early in the morning, when will I be able to make mine and baby’s meals as she is a very demanding baby and we have a baby gate in the kitchen and she will go there and scream at me if I’m there for more than 5-10mins.

When will I be able to shower?

She doesn’t have a very consistent routine since it’s always changing and her lengths of naps are always different (she’s been like this since in my womb with inconsistent kicks) so it is very hard to plan to cook/shower during her naps. Also how will I be able to leave my flat because we are on the second floor and it is impossible for me to carry the pram down or up the stairs and we can’t leave it down and I cannot go outside with her without it so I’ll be stuck indoors everyday???? Help please don’t make fun of me I just want to know how you mothers do it😫