So me and this guy meet my senior yr or college and we’re getting to know each other then covid hit us and we had to go home and part ways. But for all these months we’ve still been talking. In the beginning it was a situation of i like you but when will i see you and i don’t really like LDR (he’s 4hrs away from me). Therefore we stopped talking for a bit but always found ourselves connecting and talking again. We went on a sweet date when i had visited my best friend in late October (he lives close to her). As of late December we’ve been getting to know each other more than ever, asking questions we wouldn’t have beforehand, and were just building a deep connection and things are progressing. He’s starting to us words like we, asking about my views on different aspects of intimate relationships. His attention, care, thoughts, emotions have just over all grown and changed for me and i know/can tell. He’s honestly my twin in guy form, we love just about the same things, and our personalities mesh really well together. I really feel that this will go somewhere, but were missing that one component of physical touch/chemistry (not just sexually). We need to see what that’s like and if we’re compatible in that way, which i think we are. We need to see how we are together in person. But because of Covid, me not know to drive (im from NY don’t judge), job searching & not really having the funds we can’t see each other as often as we’d like.

So one night we were on ft and he asked if ive ever been skiing, i said yea he said he hasn’t and spontaneously asked if i’d want to plan a trip to go with him, i said sure and he booked the hotel the next day. Now i don’t have a job but i rarely ask my grandparents (i live with them) for anything at all especially during the pandemic plus ive been going through post-grad depression & anxiety which they know of so i thought why not ask.

Now my grandma is a scary lady so i kinda told her it’d be me and some girl friends but i do talk to him so she said so its like a couples thing i said no not really but i mean she probably already knows whats up. and she just asked me how much, when and to give her an itinerary so idk if thats a yes or maybe. then later that night my grandpas said whats this about you wanting to go away so i told him and he jokingly but kinda seriously said “you needa stay your butt home”. then he asked “he knew ur not working right?” i said yes and he asked who’s idea was it i told him how the idea cam about and he said so who’s going just you & him?.... then i told him no possibly 2 other girlfriends. grandpa goes no no no so were yall gonna sleep i said in the hotel if they have joint rooms thats cool in not then two and two and instantly you could see he had the sex imagine in his head and was like omg no but he said it in a joking manner a little bit. but now im kinda scared and idk if there going to allow me to go and it makes it even worse that im also asking them to pay for it 🥴 but i do really want to go. & im scared he might be like yea if im not gonna even be able to see you every so often this isn’t going to work.


Should i really try and convince them to let me go?

Am i doing to much for something that may potentially not turn out the way i think?