Maternity questions


Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on maternity stuff.

Specifically maternity bras.

I'm only 9weeks right now, but my boobs hurt so bad, and not wearing a bra hurts more. Any suggestions for now and after the baby us born for breast feeding?

What about maternity clothes and pillows?

And help dealing with my crazy emotions, the mood swings are BAD...and I'm fighting tears over everything.

I'm having a hard time eating anything other then rice and vegetables.

If you cant already tell, I'm a first time mom and I need all the advice. Haha

Also, my first appointment is March 3rd, anything I should come prepared with? Any questions I should ask? I've already written out my family medical history. Lol

Oh...and I'm super anxious and a bit stressed, and have any advice about that too??