Pre schooling at home? Virtual or homeschooling


I have two daughters. The oldest turned 4 in December and the youngest will be 3 in May. My oldest was in a daycare/preschool prior to Covid. She loved it and was sad she couldn’t go back. We haven’t done too much more with her other than workbooks we’ve found in stores and a few educational activities on her iPad. Are preschools near you doing virtual preschool? Or are there any type of programs like that for your little ones? Or should I try to find a pre-k program I can teach her myself?

Preschool isn’t a huge deal and isn’t required, but she loved it so much and I’d love for her to get a good year of pre kindergarten schooling before she has to go to kindergarten. I also think it will be something to add structure to their day which they desperately need right now. We’ve kind of been slacking since Covid started because everything was so hectic and unknown, but I want to look into something for them to do, especially my oldest.