Ok so I’m going to the doctor to get this looked at Monday, but today is only Thursday and I can’t help but wonder and freak out. I shaved with a brand new razor Saturday Feb 20 and received oral sex a couple of hours later. Our vaginas came in contact as well. Sunday night going on Monday, I started noticing an itch in this same area but nothing was there. Monday going on Tuesday the bumps in the first picture appeared. They itch only when I touch them or apply pressure, I haven’t noticed any burning on the bumps nor when I pee. Also, in the 2nd & 3rd pic the bumps look worse because I shaved over them again and that resulted in skin coming off. I wanted to see the bumps clearly without the hair on them so I shaved over it and put aloe gel once I realized I made it worse. I was tested in January for all STDs since the last time I was sexually active and everything was negative. I get tested regularly. Saturday was my first time having sex since then. So I’m confused. Could this be herpes? Or folliculitis? Or an infection from having sex right after shaving? Please help.