First Fertility Appointment Help!


Hi everyone! Looking for advice from anyone who’s been to a fertility clinic please🙏🏼🙏🏼 I’ve been TTC under the supervision of my OBGYN for the last 7 cycles (just started cycle #8). She recommended that I see a fertility specialist after this cycle and told me to call and schedule right away since the clinics usually schedule a few months out. So I called the Dr she recommended and they actually had a cancellation ~next week~ and booked me! I’m excited but also a little anxious. My insurance does not cover ANY <a href="">fertility treatment</a>, so I’m trying to get the very most out of each doctor visit that I can. I was told just this initial consult will cost $400🥺🥺 SO! I want to be prepared and give her all the information I can in that first visit. Anyone have any advice/thoughts on what to bring or what to think about beforehand? I have no idea what even to expect!! Also, they said I can bring my partner. Would you recommend that? So far I’ve only been to appointments alone. Thanks guys♥️