BFP! SMEP and symptoms

Diane • DD aged 9.5, DS aged 8, and DD aged 1.5 DH aged 33 expecting a baby boy January 2017
Hi all! I got my BFP at 9DPO each test has got a darker positive every day since, I have a regular 28 day cycle and we used OPKs and the SMEP (sperm Meets Egg Plan) BD every other day from end of AF then every day for 4 days during and after my LH surge! 
​My symptoms started about 6DPO with mild cramping and I was so hungry all day. 7DPO I had mild cramping and very tired. 8DPO more cramping and very very tired and moody, slightly sore boobs, emotional and an overwhelming 'feeling' I had to go and buy a test at 9DPO! I had increased saliva, slight nausea, then I had heart burn that made me throw up! I knew for sure then. My test gave me the faintest BFP!! I bought a few and so did DH... I still have 2 left, doing one each day watching the line darken! One of the other major symptoms was vivid dreams every night, some scary and disturbing! Amazing how our bodies and brains change so dramatically after conception! 
​Hoping for a healthy happy pregnancy!