Financial question

Okay so I don't know if this would even be the right group to post this in but whatever. So we're getting a decent tax return back and I'm wondering what will be the best way to go about buying a van would be. The van we really want is $15,000. We're putting away $1200 to make up for the week that my husband is taking off now next month after I have our baby. We also plan on paying off all of his debt. We currently also have another car that we have a car payment for for 3 more years and we just recently refinances. My question is would it be better for us to pay off all of my debt as well and have a smaller down payment on the van we're looking to buy and finance or would it be better for us to have a larger down payment on the van. If we pay off all of my debt that's $150 each month we wouldn't be paying on credit card bills and we'd be putting about $3000 down on the van we want.