Am I wrong??

So my boyfriend and I stay together. Our daughter just turned 9 months today. Well his side has not been very close. I would always have to be the one to reach out for them to see my daughter then I stopped. Well I work now from 8:30-5:30 so I feel like I have very little time with my daughter. My grandma is my set babysitter and well I had to adjust plans because car is broken down and my boyfriend has 3 and hasn’t let me use even one. Well his mom asked to watch her today I agree and say it’s fine. Well she decided to pick her up at 1 and then I get off work and my boyfriend just tells me his mom is watching her tomorrow to take clothes. Keep in mind she doesn’t see them a lot and she cries when she does see them. I have no car. I told him I already have plans so I don’t struggle and I get out early so I take advantage on days I get out early to have time with her. He said she’s taken care of for me to wait till he gets out at 4 and he’ll pick me up. I’m out at 12:30 really. He was gonna leave her there over night till tomorrow. He said well his mom doesn’t even get her so I was gonna agree but then I decided no I’m gonna go pick her up. Well his mom wasn’t even there and he was gonna go out with friends. Also turns out they didn’t even feed her because she was crying for a bottle. Am I wrong for picking her up?