Beer fest

Julie • Mama to a sweet baby boy
Okay, here it goes. I have been a pretty devoted craft beer drinker for sometime now, and in the ttc journey I've cut back a lot, I didn't drink that much before but now I basically go weeks without a drink. It's just not as important to me anymore. However there is an annual beer event this wekend that we always go to and therefore already have tickets to. I'm stoked bc it's gonna be a lot of fun! Of course my only set back is that I'll be 9 and 10 dpo this weekend. I plan on testing both days, but I still feel a little unsure about getting nearly drunk even if it is bfn. I should add that I'm not planning to get drunk I just happen to be a light weight and there are going to be dozens and dozens of samples be poured. It's a 6oz. Pour so it's not like I'm drinking 20 full sized beers. What do you ladies think? Please keep in mind that I'm not a selfish lush, I just want to have a fun weekend after all the stress ttc can bring month after month. Honest opinions are welcome though I understand people tend to feel strongly both ways.