BFPs but period? Please read

This month and last ive been getting BFPs on every test I use, however ive been getting my period too but abit lighter than usual, last month when the doctors believed I was 5 weeks pregnant I started bleeding, had a scan which was unclear but nothing there, my doctpr said it would be impossible to see a baby on a scan at 5 weeks or less but due to bleeding they said I had miscarried, they said my hcg levels went down to zero and that my womb, ovaries and tubes were perfect, after the "miscarriage" ive been testing every week and the positives have gotten darker, I started bleeding again yesterday. My mother bled each month of her pregnany with me and my sister and my sister did with her child, my grandmother also did with her three children so should I see a doctor or just take it as AF is here and all the tests ive used are false positives? (Ive used 5 different brands) or have I miscarried each month?