family pets

When bringing a baby to your home with pets is it an easy transition? And what about with pets that act out?

I'm having a lot of trouble with one of my dogs and it's making me very concerned about bringing a baby into the household. My one medium sized dog is fine she's always been good but my husky is HORRIBLE. Both dogs are almost 3 we got them both after 1 yr old. The husky came from a horrible family which is why we are having so many problems. It was basically animal abuse the way they treated her. She was tied up outside in FL and infested with fleas. She was underweight and didn't even know her name. We changed her name to give her a new start to her new life she's learned few commands (sit, lay, go potty, go eat) but she acts out mainly towards me and my other dog not so much my husband when im the one that takes care of them. She bites my other dogs ears and neck when she's just laying there and she actually just turned mean to me today when I was brushing her and then she crapped and peed inside all over for no reason while i was cleaning up her fur. She will purposely not eat thinking she will get human food and not eating makes her puke so we constantly have messes that will about to with about baby. She has torn up a lot of Stuff being inside or out of a kennel she has to be in the middle of the room so her kennel isnt near a thing-she ate our wall and an expensive comforter through the kennel. she howls every morning til shes taken out (i take my dogs out before i do anything in the morning so theres no reason for her to do it)and she acts out in her kennel scratching the bottom (the kennel isnt necessarily closed) making a lot of noise which is another reason im concerned with a baby. I just feel like I can't handle it anymore, nearly 2 years and we've gotten so far with her but it's like she's back tracking and turning mean. I'm horrified about the thought of having her around a baby by the way she treats me and the other dog. What do I do?