Hope this helps ttc ladies


Okay I've seen a lot of women lately posting about their symptoms a week before af is due and I thought this might be helpful to share with all,

Symptoms of period:

Bloating, weight gain, fatigue, lack of energy or motivation, headaches, body aches, cramps, breast swelling or tenderness, food cravings like chocolate or salty foods, insomnia or overtired, lack of sex drive constipation or diarrhea

Symptoms of ovulation:

Of course the egg white cervical mucus,( it needs to be wet and sticky NOT LUMPY, change in basal body temperature ( this means you will see prior to ovulation the body temperature will be consistent as you get closer to ovulation it will decline then increase greatly after ovulation)

Other symptoms are light spotting, cramping on one side for most women it's never both, breast tenderness, increase amount of bloating, high sex drive heightened sense of smell taste or vision

As you can see these are all pretty well the same symptoms I've always heard that your period is just a mock of pregnancy, so of course it's going to make us all feel like you're going crazy thinking were pregnant all the time when really we can only know for sure at least 3 to 4 days late for AF with a positive test.

I have also noticed that people are getting their ovulation date mixed up how you track this is basically starting the day after your period ends ( just red flow brown or light pink IS SPOTTING) count 3 to 4 days after it is completely gone that should be your ovulation day. You should always track your cervical mucus for those egg white days usually you will feel a lot of pressure on one side near your ovaries this day is your day to conceive it is best however to start trying to conceive the day your period is gone up until your next one starts everyday or every other day

Good luck and baby dust to all!!