Has anyone developed PTSD?

I was molested by my sister about the time I was 3/4 she was about 8/9. I remember small details and things that led up to it but not it actually happening. Since it happened I have had terrible anger issues and depression. Then I was raped a few years ago and developed severe anxiety & have become extremely paranoid about everyone. I have nightmares about my sister and I honestly don't even think about my rapist. Now I can't think about my sister without getting horribly angry and wanting to vomit and cry when before I had let it go and had been able to talk to her and be around her without even thinking about it. I had a friend tell me that it sounded like my recent rape triggered PTSD. I was just wondering if there was someone who had an experience similar to mine. I've never really had anyone who could understand what I'm going through.