I hate this Waiting game

 I am going to expect AF.  I am not really ttc but I am not preventing. That would stress me out.  However DH and I were quite busy this month, lol.  I was fertile 9/14 - 9/20 (per phone app) and it says I O'd on cd22 (I don't temp or use OPK's).  We baby danced on cd9, cd10, cd14, cd16, CD18, CD21, & Cd23.  My fertile period was CD17 - cd23.  We shall see what happens.  AF due 10/2 so I am currently anxious to see if I get that BFP.  My kids are 15 & 9, lol, so I have no memories of my last TWW experience.  Those were surprises to me!!  I am so anxious it's horrible.  Nausea, back ache...crazy symptoms.  We shall see how it goes!