Taking off work to accompany your husband to the doctor?

For the last two days I've had to cover for my coworker because she has had to accompany her husband to the doctor? She's going to public doctors so you literally sit there and wait for hours on end to be seen. Is this normal, do other people do this?

*Just as a sidebar, I'm not looking for comments on "well if the boss said it's OK". We don't have a boss, we work together and own the company together. I'm literally just looking for opinions in whether this is a normal thing to do, to accompany your grown husband to the doctor (for the flu).

** thank you to those who actually answered the question. I really didn't realise it was a thing, especially just a GP appointment. The only time I have gone to the doc with my husband is if I had my own business to do there, I have never experienced adults accompanying other adults to a GP. Thank you again for actually focusing on the question.