Constant ear infections

Hey everyone! NO JUDGMENT PLEASE! My son is 22 months and for the last couple months he’s had ear infections what seems like one after another. He was referred to an ENT and they suggested to either wait it out or tubes if we wanted but it wasn’t necessary. We chose to wait it out and if he got another ear infection then we would go from there.. so not even 2 weeks after this appointment my son comes home sick from daycare and it ends up turning into an ear infection he’s on day 4 of antibiotics out of 10 and I’m at a loss of what to do. Should I take him out of daycare since that’s where he is getting sick from ( I wouldn’t mind so much if he had JUST a cold but it always turns into an ear infection) and see if he still has them OR do I make the appointment for tubes and go from there and just see? He gets the ear infections SO frequently I just don’t know what is the right thing to do I also don’t want to keep hurting his gut health with these strong antibiotics! If anyone has any stories about tubes please share ( horror story or not)