Am I in the wrong?


Please don’t judge me too harshly for this post. My husband has shown slight interest in stocks lately. Something that I’ve never been interested in and would rather stay away from, which I mentioned in the past when brought up. A few minutes ago he was casually on the couch and was like, “so hear me out, hear me out..I bought $100 of stocks and it’s already gone up” and blah blah. And my initial reaction was slight annoyance. At first I sat there silently and then asked “you only spent $100?” Which he confirmed. I really don’t know if it’s truly not a big deal or not. But I calmly told him that I really wish he would’ve told me he was about to invest before doing so. He waited an hour after doing so just to show me he’d already gained $20 from it. It just feels sketchy the way he went about it. And I just get so annoyed by the whole thing, which he could tell and we had an argument about it. I just tried telling him I’d prefer he tell me beforehand. But honestly I always want to talk about finances and where our money goes jointly. I used to be a teacher but now a SAHM so I know it’s “his” money since he makes it for us, but we are a family. I feel unimportant. He just kept getting angry saying “I didn’t think it was a big deal”. We’ve had disagreements over finances before, but I try my best not to because his parents always fought horribly over money. I just truly don’t know if I even have a right to be a little upset or not. It doesn’t help I don’t understand how it all works. Am I being unreasonable?