Have Depression? Try Saying This To Make People Understand

Mary • Hi! I`m Mary. I have a BA in Psychology. Been dealing with PCOS for 22 years. I work at Sander’s Candy and Ice Cream Shop and trying to get my head around this COVID craziness!
Ever tired explaining to someone that you have a mental illness by starting with, "I have depression but...." and have either people looking at you strangely or pretend to be sympathetic? Instead of trying to go into the akward, "I have depression" line try saying, "My brain is trying to kill me" and you might get more understanding from those that have not gone through it. Because think about it. Isn't that what it is? Depression not only affects you mentally but physically as well. Your brain because of lack of serotonin or dopamine makes you feel like you want to either cry or die. It sucks doesn't it? 
​So, try that and perhaps you'll get an inquisitive question rather than an, "Ok" or "Just don't feel sad then" response. Say that phrase, your condition, and a simple explanation of what it does to you. It's as simple as that!