Feeling so discouraged ?

Erika • Beauty Blogger and Nutrition Consultant.

I've been trying for a baby for awhile now with no success. I kept it quiet but eventually told my family since they were constantly asking when I was going for baby #2. My daughter is 6 going on 7 (leap yr baby) and she really wants a sibling and I don't want them to be too far apart of age. Now that my family knows I'm trying I constantly get asked if it's "happened." This past Sunday my cousin announced she was 3 months pregnant and although I'm extremely happy for her because she is the kindest person ever, I felt so depressed. It was pretty awkward to have my family looking at me too...

I just want to give my hubs good news for once. He's been in school nonstop for the past year and goes to work right after so he's so busy and working so hard. So many things keep happening and I swear it's one thing after another that I know stresses him out just like me. My daughter is from my first relationship and I know he loves her but I know he wants a child from us.

I have so many things of my mind and my stress is through the roof so that's probably why I can't conceive. I seriously need to stop stalking my fertility and ovulation and let it be!!