Does anybody still smoke weed while pregnant? Like even a little to help with nausea or upset stomach or whatever?

Now before any of you come at me negative, this is just a poll for honest answers. You don’t need to comment but just answer the poll and if you do comment, no negative Nancy but just some personal experiences please.

I am a natural stoner but I did cut back when I found out I was pregnant. Now I only will hit a glass pipe using a hemp wic to light my bowls and not swallow in the smoke. More like keep it in my mouth for a bit and blow it out. I suffer from bad nausea and when I smoke it helps, when I’m suffering from insomnia, smoking helps, when I don’t have an appetite, smoking helps. I know with my first pregnancy, I smoked til I was 2-3 months and started again when I was over 5 months, the same way, not using lighter fluid and no papers or tobacco being inhaled, up until a couple days I gave birth, I stopped. My son never had issues while pregnant and after birth. He’s now a healthy, happy 7 year old boy. I have done a lot of research then and now knowing it can be perfectly safe to do. But just wanted to see anyone on here who would like to share their answers to my poll or even comment with personal experiences. No judgement zone. Thanks in advance.

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