I am so disappointed in my friend...

Edit: thank you! It was the friend who wanted her husband to leave the child and go. She asked him to leave the child and help her with the car.


My friend called me and explained a situation. She went to see her doctor, her 2 year toddler baby was sleeping at home and her husband was working from home. Her car didn't start so she called her husband for help. He left the sleeping baby alone in the house, went to the doctor's office, helped my friend start the car and returned home.

I was so so shocked hearing this. I asked her why her situation demanded leaving the baby alone. I think she was already guilty about it. I didn't want to beat her more, so I said what if there's a fire or she woke up and opened the door and just started walking into the parking lot. And made her promise to me that she'd never ever do that again.

If such situation arises again, I advised this is what she should do-

1. Wait at the doctor's office until her daughter wakes up and her husband can get her too

2. Leave the car, take a taxi

3. If she can't wait, her husband can still get the sleeping baby. Yes, she will end up being cranky but it's not the end of the world.

What would you have done? What else could I have done?