Wtf is wrong with him?!!?

He keeps showing up to my house and now he’s ganna stay outside like I don’t even care anymore! He wants to take me grocery shopping, WHICH I DIDNT ASK FOR AND TOLD HIM I DIDNT WANT. He had it planned in his head even after I told him no. Why show up if I’m not responding? Ugh I’m so tired of him, he doesn’t know boundaries but he’ll learn today.

He also kept calling me on FaceTime after my brother told him I was sleeping because he was trying to be let in but my brother wouldn’t let him. He doesn’t know how to leave things alone. If I answer and tell him no *again*, he’ll just try to convince me. But I’ll respond and if he chooses to wait outside all day, that’s on him. And I can assure you, he is NOT my boyfriend.