Would you message a guy who stopped communicating with you?

Details: Was talking to a dude from a dating app for 3 weeks straight! He used to say “good morning” and greet me everyday. We’d communicate non stop, flirt, etc. We’d even exchanged phone numbers and talked a few times.

But things got sus when he kept saying we were going to meet up but that didn’t happen because he was “too busy”.

He invited me to a concert and said we’d talk about it “tomorrow” but he never reached out. It’s now been a week.

I kinda want to reach out just to say “hey, hope you’re well” just so I can see his response and then just move on.

I don’t think I want to continue knowing this guy further.

But just really sucks that I’d open myself up and then this mf just stopped communicating 🙄🙄🙄 He started off so well and then it went downhill 😒

I just started my journey on dating apps and so far I hate it 😐 LOL

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