A little worried


I miscarried in June, and have not gotten a regular period since then but have taken 3 positive home pregnancy tests since Tuesday.. I saw my OB today and basically with the pee test they did, she saw a verrryyy faint positive so now I had to do bloodwork today and I’m going back Monday to hopefully see an increasing trend in hcg… I’m confused as to why they couldn’t use the bleeding from my chemical pregnancy as a period since she said most people don’t even know they’re pregnant when having a CP.. I’m just worried, I was not expecting that and I feel like I can’t relax until I know my hcg is increasing.

Any chance I’m just much earlier than I thought I was? Like 1-2 weeks earlier and that’s why it’s so faint? I was using the bleeding from my CP as my last “period” to calculate due date..

I mean there was a bough hcg to get a positive digital test soo I feel like that’s something.

TIA 🌈💛