Husband time off opinions

Rachel • Momma to Paisley and Brooklyn ❤️😍

Okay so long story short my husband and his parents own a bike store where we live. They’re the only three that work there and they get quite busy. His dad is wondering why he needs anytime off at all when the baby is born. Which I find absolutely ridiculous. In a real job if he had it for 10 years like he’s had this one id has him to take his 6 weeks. I told him to tell his parents that he needs about 2 weeks off and then maybe modify his schedule for a couple weeks after that and play by ear. Please tell me I’m not being unreasonable. Also we have a 2 year old girl. My parents both work and live 40 minutes away with my sister who is a single parent with two toddlers as well. My parents partly work from home so my sister can also work and not pay for daycare. We can’t afford or even get any kind of daycare and I am a stay at home mom almost done with my bachelors to go be an elementary school teacher. Am I being crazy that he should at least be able to take two weeks off. I am just sobbing and worried it’s not going to get worked out and I’m already past 37 weeks and they don’t know how long he’ll be able to take off. I shouldn’t have this stress on me. It seems all his parents care about is their shop but honestly this is also their first grandchild and they don’t seem to be worried about any of it. As if a newborn is just like something people just pop out and go about their business. 😭😭 help….