My friend started ranting about his ex right after we had sex. Should I give him another shot?


My(20F) friend (20M) and I have known each other for almost 6 years. Recently he joined the military and was stationed across the country. We would Snapchat back and forth every day as friends but eventually, they turned more and more sexual. We started sending pics back and forth until he came home.

The first night we saw each other was at a party with our friends. Nobody knows about us. I was drunk and he asked to drive me home. I started getting touchy and he decided to pull over so we could get busy. That night we both lost our virginities.

After about an hour of trying, neither of us got off because car sex really just is not it. All I was focused on is how horny I was and all he was focused on was how horny he was so, at the time, the place didn't really matter. He decided to call it off because nothing was happening. So we just laid half-naked in the car for a few minutes.

THEN, he started talking about his ex. He was telling me that he wanted to call her and that he needed to know if their relationship was real. ( I think he didn’t get off because he was distracted) I was trying to be obviously annoyed but I do not think that he got the hint. He talked about her for a few hours even after I made a comment about how much it sucks that we just had sex and he's already talking about his ex. We have the type of relationship where I know most of his crap and he knows most of mine so it’s not weird for him to talk about her it was just a wrong place wrong time situation). He is genuinely distraught over her.

I was his Ex's best friend. I have been friends with him longer but when I met her, we immediately clicked and our friendship blossomed. She turned out to be a really sucky friend who just used me for my parent's money and free stuff. She did the same shit to him he just can't get over it. It has been like 8 months.

I want to have sex with him again but I don't know if I should. The only reason I am questioning having sex with him again is that I was so comfortable. We were communicating so well and we would laugh if something went awry. It did not feel like a chore. He was so patient. There was one point where I joked about getting pregnant (We were being safe):

Me: What happens if I get pregnant?

Him: Looks like somebody would be moving to England with me for 3 years.

Me: Ummm no. I have to finish nursing school first.

Him: Yeah but with me, it would be free. ;)

Then we just laughed it off.

It was so comfortable, and I want to figure out more about what I like with someone who I am comfortable with. He leaves for England in 1 week so I don't have a lot of time to figure myself out. We both understand that we are just hooking up but I am worried about him catching feelings for me. I don't think he will but considering how hung up he is over a girl that is a complete bitch to him.