Need some advice

Broke up with my boyfriend of four years. We had a lot of problems. Like not communicating with each other. Both of us our needs were not getting meet. There was other issues too. Then we found out the ex had bad ptsd from the military. He has bad depression and anxiety. There also bad freak outs cause of it. He keeps messaging me saying he loves me and I am the only one for him and that he’s giving up on life. I have shown my mom some of the texts between us she thinks he is just trying to manipulate me. He used to live with me he has a truck still in my driveway and his mail address is still my address. He did get a new job and starts that next week. Before the break up he was trying to be better and get the help he needs for his ptsd. But I got tired of always being the strong one. I worked constantly cause of Covid, was going to school and taking care of everything at my house. He was also going to school and would stay at my house off and on during the week. It got to be a lot for me and he ended up getting pushed to the side. I do care about him. I want him in my life. My family doesn’t like him and thinks that he’s manipulating me. I don’t know what to do anymore about the situation I keep telling him all I can offer is friendship. I keep saying this cause I feel like all of our problems would just get worse if we tried a relationship right now. He is also my first boyfriend. I want more in a relationship a healthy relationship. I miss his hugs though they felt like home. Is it worth trying again but then if it is. How long before we say nope this is not working. If I don’t try i could regret it but I could say the same thing if I do try to patch things up.