How my date went!

This is am update.from my post earlier. Basically a family moved into my.neighborhood. One of the sons is my age and the other is older. Sammy is the one my age and his brother is Adam. Sammy either has a stutter because of anxiety just a stutter in general. He nervously asked me out to a Rodeo today and his brother interrupted making sexual hand gestures saying Sammy wants to plow me and Sammy was so embarrassed. We actually had a good time. We took an uber. When he opened the door to the uber for me I heard his brother yell "Opening the door for a bitch! You're a fucking cuck Sammy". Besides that we had a great time. We ate and talked. I tried not to bring any attention to his stutter. My instinct was to help him say the word he was trying to say but I decided to let him get there on his own. He wanted t walk me home but he had been a gentleman all night so I wanted to walk him home. We sat outside his door and talked and Adam opened the door and said " Did you get some!" He told him to go away and his brother said "Knew it. You're gonna die a virgin". Then his brother proceeded to tell me if I want real man with a 14 inch cock his bedroom is always open. Weirdo. I felt bad for Sammy because his brother tried to embarrass him one last time and said " Btw. Mom said if you're gonna drink passed your stopping period you can wash your own linings." Then Adams points to Sammy and whisper shouts at me "He pees his bed". Sammy told him to go away but was stuttering through the word go and his brother mocked him sayimg " G-g-g-" and went inside. He was so red and embarrassed. So I decided to tell him how my older sister used to torment me when I was younger and now she's going through her second divorce and that Adam will get his one day. He walked me back to my door and I kissed his cheek and went inside. That wss our first date❤