Spoke to my ex

Okay guys bare with me because this is A LOT! Many know I took my ex's 3 kids in when he got arrested. Boys are 14 and 4 and daughter is 10. There mother didn't want them and she's batshit crazy. In my last post I mentioned how he hadn't called to speak to his kids in a week. Well turns out that's because he was in solitary confinement. The reason he's facing possibility 15 years in prison is because of very dumb decisions he made. And other people were involved and he may have fucked over some involved and now he's in prison with said person and they got into a fight, guards maced them, and threw them into solitary confinement. He was crying about how he fucked up and he's sorry for how he treated me when I took his kids in. I love these babies. The youngest now calls me mommy. We did talk about adoption. Now bio mom has no issue signing away her rights if it means she can stop paying me child support. She pays me 1800 a month because she's loaded yet doesn't care about her babies. My ex doesn't want to sign away his because if he does get out early he would have no rights to his children. He's planning on getting out asap. And to do something he's gonna do something he doesn't believe in. Snitch. They are gonna tack in those extra charges. So him snitching will reduce his sentence from 15 years to 11. I know this man loves his kids I really do. We came up with an idea and I know many of you are gonna hate me for this. Bio mom is fine signing away her rights. So the only way me and him can have both our rights is if we get legally married and I adopt them that way. I know thus sounds like a terrible idea. We would be married and name only and when we ever divorced I could still have my rights because I would be their legal parent. I know many will hate my idea but this is A choice for me.

I did have some people ask how the older kids are doing. The daughter. She's doing ok. My mom and have their own little girl bond. Now his oldest... He doesn't want to fuck with anyone. He was the closet to his dad. It makes me sad because the youngest bonded with me and calls me mommy. My daughter(hopes its okay to refer to them as mine) bonds really well with my mom and my oldest.... He just wants to be left alone... They gave a therapist and we have family therapy on Wednesday. I wish I could bind with 14yo alone by my 4 yo is connected to me by hip basically. I hope he dies know I love hum just as much! These kids have taught me to be a mother! I have no biological kids and I'm learning everyday. Maybe I can get my mom to take his brother and sister for a day so we can bond.