The girl next door- part one

Sorry it’s so long

Alina and I had been best friends since 4th grade, I came out to her in 8th she was the first person I had ever told, she was also my first crush, I had been in love with her for years, but I know she only liked me as a friend, in fact she’s told me multiple times, but I have never given up. Over the years I’ve had a couple of girlfriends, they all were nice and all but I wanted Alina, I needed Alina. Me and Alina lived right next to each other always! We’re in college now and she is renting the apartment next to mine, we we’re together constantly, unless she’s hooking up with some dude in her class, god I hate him, he may be dreamy but how could she like him and not me! Like god damn! Anyway, we’re studying one day in my apartment and I decided to make us dinner, all I had was stuff to make spaghetti. While cooking I imagine licking the sauce from her body, it dripping down her sides, in shake away the thought “Whens the pasta gonna be done? I’m starving” says Alina

“So am I, I just want to eat you out” I think to myself “in 2 minutes” I say smiling. As soon as dinner is done I go to the table and start studying while eating. “Oh my god! This is the best food I’ve had in so long” “James never makes me food, I always have to do it and sometimes I just want to be appreciated, you know” says Alina “yeah I get it, but I mean like at least you weren’t dumped for your ex” I say thinking back to last years catastrophe. “Yeah, I’m really sorry about that, I wish there was something I could do” “I could think of a few things” I mumble to myself “what was that” “oh nothing, just thinking about the test I have next week” “oh yeah I forgot about that” she says while looking back down to her textbook. I stand up and take her plate and mine and start cleaning the dishes. Alina stands up and picks up the towel to help. Suddenly I feel a hard smack on my ass, she’d done the twisty whip things, “oh no you didn’t” I say while taking some soap bubbles and throwing it on her. She smacks my ass again, harder this time, finally I catch the towel mid smack, and pull, I bring her into my arms, she follows, I had no idea what was happening, she’d never shown any interest in me or any girl for that matter, she puts her hands on my hips and pulls me in for a kiss! After about 15 seconds she pulls away “Oh my fuck! That was the best kiss of my life” I giggle and pull her in, I explore longingly every inch of her mouth, and she melts into my arms, we make out for a solid 5 minutes, after a while she looks at me up and down and starts kissing me leaving lipstick marks down my neck, she stops on my collar bone and sucks, leaving a welt, she moves to my shoulders leaving another welt. I move my hands from her hips to her ass, and lift her up onto the counter. I start kissing her neck and undoing her button down shirt, leaving a trail of kisses all along her tits, she lets out a soft moan, I look up to her “are you sure you’re ok with this” I say trying to to show that I was so out of breath “YES! YES! A thousands times yes!” She says eagerly, I start to kiss her harder and harder her tongue feeling every inch of my mouth, moving my hands lower and lower until I reach her pants, and slowly undo her zipper, finally after a painstakingly long amount of time I reach my hands into her panties and feel her throbbing clit, I move my fingers in circles around it, she lets out a soft moan. I pull her to the edge of the counter and kneel, slipping off her pants and panties, I see her wet beautiful pussy, I lick around it, teasing her making her squirm. She pulls my hair and shoved my face into her pussy, I jam my tongue in her as hard as I can feeling her tasting her juices, I start to plump my tongue 1,2,3,4,5 she gasp every time, she pulls on my hair harder and harder, I can tell she’s close, so I go harder and harder. “OH FUCK!!” She screams as she cums all over my face. I look up at her, she bites her lip, and pulls me up from the ground, she pulls me in, and kisses me, so unimaginably hard, I giggle after she finally releases me