The girl next door-part 2

Alina leads me to my bed and shoves me onto it, she crawls on top of me and seductively starts to strip me, first my shirt, then my bra, then my thong until we’re both completely naked, she straddles me and just looks for a few moments “you have no Idea how long I’ve wanted to do this Cas” she says, she kisses me and while I’m caught of guard she jams 2 fingers into my dripping pussy, I scream, “oh FUCK ALINA!” I stare into her beautiful golden eyes, her fingers still fucking me, she says “you like that don’t you? Well guess what?” She says as she slowly pulls her fingers out, “I have something better” she moves her pussy and alines it with mine, and starts to ride me so hard I scream! “Wait Alina, I have something for you” I say just before we both cum, I open my drawer and pull out a massive dildo. Her eyes get so big. While she’s distracted, I flip on top, I start to wave to dildo in her face, hold the dildo looking like I have a plan “what ever you’re gonna do, do it right the hell now!” She says, with in seconds I flip my body around and shove my pussy into her face, she starts eating me out, but before she can do much, I slap her vulva with the dildo and shove it into her pussy so hard, she screams into my pussy making me moans so loud, I slowly move the dildo in and out of her, she stops eating me and says “faster faster FASTER!” “Or what” I say wanting her to beg for it “or or, or I’ll leave and you won’t get your surprise” “surprise” I say in an inquisitive manner. Before she can say anything else, I go faster and harder, all while riding her face like I’m about to die, she screams louder and louder until finally she cums all over the dildo, seconds later I cum all over her face, I get off of her and lay beside her “I have wanted to do that for so long you have no idea” I say she blushes. After a while she sits up and with out saying a word grabs her stuff and kisses me then leaves, I struggle to put my pants and bra on before I follower her, she’s back in her apartment, she left the door open