Are you contacting “family” after baby is born?

So I have a lot of “family” that don’t talk to me. I use to talk with them all the time. I always called them first and text them first. Every time I visit they would be like, “you need to come over more often” or “bring the kids Over to see me more”

Thinking about it, it shouldn’t be a one way street. Most of my “family” missed my sons first birthday party and they knew how special it was for me, since he’s my rainbow baby.

I should come around more often, I should call/text but when things are important to me they don’t show up?

I’m 26 weeks pregnant and I haven’t heard from any of them since I realized that they were toxic family members. Most of the time putting me down, making me think that I need to always show up.

So, if they haven’t talked to me or checked in on me should I even tell them when I have the baby? Honestly to me, I don’t want to. It’s like I’m adding on to my growing family, and not the other way around with how we’re treated.