Bfs son has asthma/might get rid of my cat

My boyfriend gets his son on the weekends sometimes. The last two times my boyfriend has had his son over he had to take him to the hospital while I was at work; The first time he was sick with a fever, this time I'm not sure if he was sick but my Boyfriend says he could barely breathe.

Well his mom says cats trigger his asthma..BUT he goes to his grandma's house who has 3 cats. All of the cats stay inside so does mine. He doesn't show any other symptoms of being allergic, so I would personally like for him to be tested.

But now because of the flair up there's talk of having to get rid of my cat and it's upsetting. I would never intentionally engager a child, especially if they suffer from something as serious as asthma. It just hurts my feelings. We live in an apartment complex so I don't want to make her an outside cat. I don't know of anyone right now who would be willing to take -good- care of her. My aunt has had to take care of my cat for 2 years...she made my cat an outside cat and you could just tell she was neglected of attention and just fed. So it makes me feel extremely bad for having to possibly give her up.