I feel so helpless


Hi mommas! I feel so frustrated😞 my baby boy is almost 1 month old and He started having colic and reflux at 2 weeks old. He cries a lot, spits up after every feeding pretty much. I’ve tried almost everything, changed his formula five times already, 2 days ago Started him on probiotics, bought slow flow bottles, gripe water, gas relief drops, famotidine prescribed by the ER doctor . Took him a few weeks ago to ER to find out why he was vomiting and after running lots of exams they said he was healthy and that it was only reflux and colic and prescribed him Famotidine once a day. I’m afraid he’s not gaining the weight as he should be. Idk but I feel like there’s something wrong, it could be intolerance or allergy. His pediatrician appointment is only next week.

I’d like to believe I’m not the only one going through this with a newborn. Please share any tips or anything you think might be useful to help my little one. Also feel free to share your experience if you’ve been through something like this.