Am I wrong ? I have a family member when we talk it’s always about her . She’ll ask me briefly how I’m doing then for the next 1-2-3 hours its all about her . I don’t mind listening to her (past tense speaking) that’s why we stayed on the phone for so long , I listen fully, I give my opinion & advice. But recently I’m not into communicating with her no more I’m starting to realize what I give her is not reciprocated. Like one time I needed somebody to talk to bad so I called her to talk, her bf was there in another room which he called her back into when she answered, she said “babe give me 5 minutes “ and that’s exactly what I got was 5 minutes of her time ! Everytime I go to talk she either hurry’s up give me about 2 minutes of her time flips it to where she’s relating and tells one of her own story’s then the whole convos about her or when I talk she doesn’t say anything or she’ll be talking to other ppl while I’m talking & say “I’m still listening “ while clearly not listening. Also I told her I was having a bad day panic attacks I talked said how I felt we related to eachother because we both know how it feels to have panic attacks ok good coo but after that immediately starts to talk about her problems like that’s something I want to hear at the moment. Am I wrong for not really wanting to talk to her anymore ? I don’t really want to express how I feel because recently I did that an she was “ok I’m all ears “ basically! I felt her wanting to listen wasn’t genuine if that makes sense. Also this is another thing I fallen down on hard times & I love her I really do but everybody knows my financial situation at the moment is dam near nothing, when I talk to her she’s always talking about , what’s she’s going to buy , nails, hair, clothes, shoes, decor you name it . I don’t really want to hear it, (it’s not her fault at all that I’m down bad for the the moment) it makes me feel bad because of what I’m going through currently financially, at a certain point I feel like it’s intentional i don’t discuss my finances and never constantly talk about what I’m going to buy or how much I’m making (when I was financially stable) I feel like if you know my situation at some point I feel like it’s bragging almost but I could be wrong and taking things to person (let me know ) because if I’m wrong I’m wrong but I want an outsiders opinion . this was a rant / I need to know if I’m wrong for feeling how I feel