Is it time to give up on him?


Hello, I don’t like to tell the ppl around me about my problems I rather tell you girls who don’t know me or my boyfriend personally.

We’ve got into an argument on July 4th about his mom…I left to my aunts for July 4th gathering and he left while I was over there. He said on the phone that this just wasn’t going to work out bc we’ve tried plenty of times. I told him we never tried to find a solution bc when we argue you pack up and leave, I’m the one who has to reach out to patch things up. He said he’s done trying.. he doesn’t want to try anymore. It’s been a month and I’ve took the initiative to try to see each other at least once a week so I can find a solution to our problem. He gets annoyed and starts saying things out of spite like “Maybe I never loved you” “Can’t you just move on”.. He just told me not to long ago he has colon cancer and I just can’t seem to walk away from him in that situation.. I want to be there for him and I’ve told him that. His response is he doesn’t want to be a burden to me bc he is already having personal symptoms. I’m all up for the ride though I assured him, that’s what love is sickness and health. I feel like theres something missing bc he just changed from a caring person who use to catered to me to feeling like nobody to him. I have failed to show much affection to him and I know that’s a problem but I can always die trying to love him the correct way. It’s SO SO hard to move on.. I’m starting nursing school this month and he knows that so he still wants to pay my bills bc he knows I’m not financially stable anymore. He calls it not being an asshole, but still gets disrespectful towards me for making an effort to fix the relationship. I’ve tried this whole month… I feel like there’s no hope or ammo left in me.. Any advice?