why does it hurt so much ?

Alessandra • 18
So I have a question ... When I was younger I had a traumatic expirience with sex .. I was raped .. I'm 18 now and I've never dated before . I've kissed one guy but we never dated and we never had sex because I was too terrified .. I'm 18 now and for the past year I was talking to this boy .. He left me once to go back to his ex that had cheated on him twice .. Which broke my heart because I thought I could trust him .. Umm towards the end of the school year and close to the summer he broke up with her and told me it was all a mistake that he wanted to be friends .. So we did that .. And 2-3 months past and h gained my trust back .. He asked me out in July and at first I was astonished and terrified but my heart leaped and I felt like I couldn't be any happier .. So we've been dating for the past five months officially and everything is going great I'm happy he's my comfort and he told me he loves me .. So recently I decided that I wanted to take it to the next level , and so we made love and I wasn't terrified and I didn't regret nothing popped up in my head during .. But it hurt .. A lot .. For whatever reason it just hurt and maybe it's just because I haven't had sex since being raped but I was just curious if there was anything wrong with me or perhaps it's just because I'm too tight