Don't be Afraid to Share!

Mary • Hi! I`m Mary. I have a BA in Psychology. Been dealing with PCOS for 22 years. I work at Sander’s Candy and Ice Cream Shop and trying to get my head around this COVID craziness!
I keep telling my friend who created this group and I'll tell all of you, don't be afraid to share your experiences with us. If you aren't comfortable or ready I completely understand, however most if not all of us are supporters against domestic violence, survivors, or both. No one here is going to judge you, and if nasty comments come your way then I or you can report the nasty comments to the Glow Gestapo and they'll get rid of the comment and possibly the person who made it. If you are in an abusive relationship right now and you're afraid that your partner will see it, then think of ot this way. He'd have be desperte to control you if he would get mainly a <a href="">period tracker</a> app, put it on his device, and snoop on you. Kind of a slight to his manhood in my opinion, plus you could tell all his buddies about it, and then you'll reveal him for at least partially what he is: desperate, controlling, and make him look like he's seriously questioning his manhood. 
​So don't be afraid. One person has shared a little bit with us, and I'm glad for that but we need more voices because we are just getting started here in my opinion. Share, reply, and most all, be nice!