Cousin trouble


I’m at a loss what to do with my naughty nieces. My sister in law has the naughtiest kids, I’ve been around plenty of kids my whole life and I’ve never been around kids so naughty. Anyways she wants our kids to spend more time together and I just don’t even care to see them because they are so badly behaved. The last time they came to visit we played outside and her 3 year old threw the most unholy screaming tantrum for like a solid 45 minutes. My sister in law just let her scream (at the top of her lungs) and kick and throw my little boys toys around the backyard she flipped his little slide over. She hit her mom and pulled her hair. She bit her grandma and scratched her face and neither of them did anything at all they said she does this once a day and then sat and attempted to carry on our visit as if satan herself wasn’t in the yard with us. My little boy climbed up in my lap and just sat and watched her probably as horrified as I was and he wouldn’t go near her the rest of the afternoon.

The time before that we were inside and she kept letting herself into my office. I finally had to lock the door but the first time she ran in there I called to her and said oh I don’t let the kids play in there can you come out please? And I thought their mother would get up and go get them. When she didn’t I got up myself and went in to find them throwing things out of my filing cabinet. I was kind but basically told them to get out. While I was in cleaning up my papers (my own little boy helped me he’s 2.) they went into the kitchen and scattered pots and pans all over the floor. Again my SIL didn’t do a thing. She just sat there. I wanted so badly to throw them from our house. She wants to come over again because it’s been awhile and I just don’t even want to see her. We tried doing something neutral and went swimming. The oldest girl would run over and pinch my little boy hard for no reason at all. He hates seeing them he just cries and cries when we do and while I don’t want to damage family relationships I don’t know if I can mentally handle a visit with them.

I know kids are kids and all that… my own has his tantrums from time to time but it’s draining to be around her kids. I don’t mind any other playgroups or get togethers with friends toddlers we are always able to get through any squabbles but I wouldn’t even want to be around my own kids if they were like hers 😳 any advice??