Unsupportive husband or is it me ?

Now that the baby is 19 months, We are currently night weaning and trying to correct sleep habits because my baby would literally nurse all night and that is the only time I would feed him we weaned down to that but literally lately it’s been all night - it’s my second baby and we just lost out sitter so I have zero help other than on the days I got to work part time I just can’t function anymore on the minimal to no sleep I was getting so we are on night 3 of night weaning my husband is going in and holding my baby and rocking him and tapping him back into his crib.

My baby has been super clingy during the day so I’m literally staying up crying cuz I hear him screaming mama and then I’m up at 5am or 7am and holding him all day. I’m exhiasted engorged and my husband is so cranky from his loss of sleep these past 2 nights. I get it he’s tired but I’ve been freaking doing this for the last 5 years between the two kids. I’ve taken both kids all day today and yesterday but tonight I just reached such a breaking point and was so annoyed at him for not understanding or appreciating me and still complaining and saying I should be in a better mood I could’ve slept all night. We’ve been sleeping in seperate room pretty much since our baby was born so I literally feel like I’ve been managing poor sleep all alone for 19 months straight so him doing it for 2 nights and then giving me heat is so frustrating ! I wish he would see how hard it has been and maybe appreciate me and the sacrifices I have made physically mentally emotionally anf in my career. I know fully weaning is best cor our family at this point but I feel like having a second baby had really broken our marriage further. He just doesn’t get my point of views and sees me as “hormonal” and crying to much or “there you go with your feelings” when I try to say how his actions are making me feel ! I’ve seen a therapist on zoom - 2 different ones for post partum, and now he just throws it in my face when I get upset or in a rage - which makes my blood boil even more that I am admitting I am really fragile right now and being so vulnerable and you’re throwing it in my face when you get a chance. I feel so unsupported even at this last big baby stage of weaning and it’s so frustrating!!

Sorry for the vent I don’t know what to do he won’t go to counseling with me he says I’m the one with the issues he says we r fine I need to go if I want to talk to someone