Dont judge ..

Ok so i was messing with 2 guys at once and end up getting pregnant. I told them both and also told them that i wasnt sure who the father was. Anyways one told me to abort. I didnt i wanted to keep the baby . the other one just said what am i going to do and i told him keep it. Anyways a girl texted me saying she was his gf the one that had asked what i was going to do and said why am i saying im pregnant and i told her ive been having unprotected sex with him so theres a chance hes the dad. Anyways i blocked the guy who said to abort and the one with a gf that i didnt know about kept talking to me the whole pregnancy. We never saw eachother but he would text me things saying how he hopes the baby is his and that he wants to be in her life. Okay so now that i had the baby he tells me he wants to get a dna test and i say ok when and he just says hes going to make an apptment but never does. He texts me so much talking about how he wants to be with me and be my babys dad. I got tired of him never taking action and doing all that talking that i changed my number on him but the hope of him being my babys dad made me text him again . we mwt up and he saw the baby he wanted to have sex but i didnt let him. He tells me all these things i wana hear but doesnt do anything to prove it. The other day he sent me a screenshot of him talking to other girls and said he can pick them up right now just because i didnt want to fuck . idk why a man would text me these whole 9 months plus the 5 my babys been born it doesnt make sense to me. Btw he says he broke up with the girl Becasue he showed his family a picture of my baby that i sent to him