How do you deal with unsolicited advice during pregnancy


It seriously pisses me off so much I’m 19 and I’ve heard about everything now even questions like if I know how to change a diaper and if I have watched videos….

It pisses me off cause I can answer it and then she’ll ask again…. As if I forgot .

My dad will WAKE me out of my sleep just to ask what I want to eat and I’m so appreciate of him but to WAKE me just to ask me pisses me off…. Like let me sleep right ? The “your eating for two now not just one” pisses me off…. Because I have beeeeeen eating for 2 my entire pregnancy and I’m fully aware.

The get sleep now because later your not going to get much sleep comment …. Pisses me off….. like this is all “advice” I don’t need to hear. When my parents first became parents it was at a very young age on there own and keep repeating and stating things that bother me and no one listens. Now my worry is I’ll give birth and have my son here and they think I don’t know what I’m doing and give me unsolicited advice and piss me off.. therefore mentally draining me cause of the constant stress of just feeling hovered like I would love to just have 1 on 1 time with my son and if I need or feel I have a question or need advice why on earth would I hesitant ? Like my family has yet to realize I know how drastic my life will be changing and I won’t be afraid to ask for help however I don’t want it to become a situation where I’m holding my own baby!!!! And then my mom comes in and try’s to take him out my hands cause he starts to cry or something….. like if he cry’s he crys … but I’m pretty sure it’s because he wants his mom.there’s no other voice he has heard more than his mother and as far as i know if I feel okay let me see if my moms or dad or brother can calm him down then sure but I already know that at a newborn stage they mostly want to be held, fed or burped or changed or put to sleep. Anyways had to get that out my chest because I’m having my son soon and things need to be said. I’m already dealing with literally the most. My health, baby’s health, , money etc to think about and the list goes on. So I had to clarify this .