My life is a living hell


So in 2014 my mama got cancer, she had meta and was quiet bad.

My dad had hard time dealing with it and he drinks.

I was only 17 at the time

She is still alive, but there are nights I wake up in tears and dream that she is dead.

My grandpa died in 2019 and my granny the other day.

So I only have one grandma.

I also have aunt who is helping my folks with financies, but she can be very abusive towards me,she hit me hard and she made bruises on me.

My brother reciently did the same.

I go to med school that I like more than anything but since I have all these family problems it is hard to focus sometimes.

I am 25 Y.O. and they are treating me like a child.

Reciently I moved 3 hours away to different med school and I feel much better being faraway from them.

I started online tutoring and I hope I will manage to pay my studies alone and be far away from them. (In my country we do not have loans)

I also fell in love with this guy who is adventorous but since he travels a lot he told me he isn't looking for a relationship and I have never liked someone that much, so that hurts also.

I havent had a calm day since 2014 and I am just so sick of all this drama.

Will my father get drunk?

Will my mama's cancer grow again?

Will my brother hit me again? aunt?

When will all of this stop already

I just wanna have some peace